Client Testimonials

Editing Clients:

“It was a true pleasure to work with Krista. She was very efficient, professional and added a lot of integrity to the team. She not only proved her skills as a copy editor, but also showed that she was able to work well in a team, and was able to work remotely, with very little need for touch bases. She was also a great communicator within the team.

We greatly depended on Krista to perform, and she did exactly that. We couldn’t have asked for a better team member and I highly recommend her!”

Danielle Ryan, Digital Manager for FGL Sports

“People come into our lives in diverse ways and totally surprise us. I needed a top drawer editor and found it in Krista who took my manuscript and turned it into a book. I loved her candour: her explanations, her critiques, her corrections, her suggestions; move this, drop this, change this. She was all I could hope for and my book Finding Dermot is all the better for her expertise through a substantive edit, copy edit and final draft edit. ”

– Graeme Connell, author of Finding Dermot (

“Krista Wiebe worked as an Editorial Assistant on my latest book All Roads Lead To Manyberries.

Krista did a thorough and superb job on the manuscript and spotted errors, redundancies and repetitions that both Frontenac House Editor David Scollard and I had overlooked. Her contribution and fine eye for detail made the book a whole lot better than it was before we handed it to her. In fact I think David would agree with my assessment that Krista played more of an Editor’s role than that of an Editorial Assistant.

Krista would be an asset to any organization looking for a keen, hard-working and very literate individual.”

-Ron Wood, Author

“In all the work she did for Frontenac House, Krista showed all the qualities needed of a professional editor: meticulous attention to detail, sensitivity to an author’s meaning and style of writing, and subtlety and gracefulness in using language. She is a competent editor who can be relied upon to perform work correctly and on schedule.”

-David Scollard, Founder and Editor at Frontenac House Media

Social Media Clients:

“The Edmonton Recital Society is a not-for-profit organization presenting world-class classical music artists in intimate concert settings.  Our concerts are enjoyed by people of all ages and demographics but we were having a difficult time reaching our younger, tech-savvy audience.  Krista helped us to design and implement a social media strategy that targeted this important group utilizing Facebook Groups and Twitter.  Since that time, we have been able to generate a “buzz” and discussions surrounding our concerts.  This increased interest has been one important factor in our growing audience base.  Thanks for your great work Krista!”

-Aaron Au, Founding President and former Artistic Director of the Edmonton Recital Society

“On behalf of MCC Alberta’s Resource Generation team, I asked Krista to assist us in developing our social media capacity. Krista was flexible arranging a time to come in to our office and present to our staff. She adapted her presentation to our interest and needs, while making suggestions based on her experience. Before coming in, Krista spent time preparing a plan for our organization, thinking through what works best for our goals and ensuring we were set up on mediums such as Facebook and Twitter before arriving so that these could be practiced and used during her presentation.

Krista came well prepared. She was clear and patient with us as we learned and asked questions. Her presentation clarified the purpose and best uses for different mediums and gave her opinion on which would be most effective for our organization. Additionally, Krista helped us think through social media strategy, oriented us to Twitter, showed us effective and creative uses for Twitter, helped us connect our existing Facebook efforts with Twitter, and gave many other recommendations about blogging, Facebook and Twitter.

Krista’s presentation style was very effective for our staff, adapting as we asked questions and leaving us with a very clear understanding of how we can move forward. Krista is highly recommended by our staff.”

-Megan Enns, Service Program Coordinator MCCA

“Krista Wiebe provided an excellent presentation on Social Media to our School teaching staff. The presentation gave us a solid understanding of Social Media, both its positive attributes and possible negative components.  Krista also focused on the benefits of Social Media in the classroom by providing many examples of how the school curriculum can be enhanced. Krista brings an inspiring message of possibilities, a strong understanding and an experienced perspective on Social Media.”

-Byron Thiessen, Principal of Menno Simons Christian School

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