About Clear Cut Editing

Founded in 2010, Clear Cut Editing is a freelance editing service that specializes in copyediting, proofreading, writing and rewriting. Working closely with the client, freelance editor Krista Wiebe will add a professional touch to any writing project. Krista is a member of both the Editors’ Association of Canada and the Calgary Association of Freelance Editors. She served as the membership coordinator and treasurer of the Calgary Association of Freelance Editors for two years.

Krista’s Philosophy:

I believe in the power of clear, correct and captivating writing. Editing is not only about correcting spelling and punctuation errors; it is about refining a piece of writing into a concise mode of powerful communication. In our world of advancing technologies, effective, correct and creative writing is the strongest tool we have at our disposal for success. At Clear Cut Editing, the client is a valued and integral part of the editing process. I believe in working closely alongside each client in order to achieve an end result they will be proud of.

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